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High Iron Levels in Teff Make it an Ideal Choice for Athletes

With teff containing almost three times as much iron per gram than spinach, it’s easy to see why it’s becoming a staple food for athletes. In this episode of Superfoods: The Real Story, watch Kate Quilton explore the benefits of teff as she tries a 5 week teff-rich diet in the lead-up to the London Marathon.

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Featured on BBC News April 2015

Tobia Teff featured in a BBC news article "Will Ethiopia's teff be the next 'super grain'?" on the 2nd April 2015.

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What’s An Ethiopian Christmas In London Like?

How do you celebrate Christmas? What do you eat and drink? It depends on who you ask. In a festive mini-series, we quizzed seven foodie Londoners from various cultural backgrounds about their festive food, drink, customs and traditions.

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Ethiopian Teff - An Ancient Grain

Teff has been grown in Ethiopia for Millennia. Traditionally, it's ground, milled, mixed with water and fermented for days to make the sour staple flatbread injera.

Cultivation of this mysterious and tiny grain has been concentrated in Ethiopia for thousands of years. But now that's changing as the health-conscious Western world realise the nutritional secrets this crop might bestow.

In this edition of the Food Programme, Sheila Dillon meets UK entrepreneurs bringing foods, normally seen as Ethiopian to new diners, and speaks to experts to hear how the rise in popularity of teff is affecting the farmers back home.

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Tobia Teff – suppliers of Ethiopia’s nutrient dense staple grain

Located in the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is a country known for both its rich, cultural heritage and ancient civilisation. As a nation made up of over 80 ethnic groups, a diverse range of languages, customs and traditions co-exist. However, one common cultural practice that is shared throughout Ethiopia is it’s cuisine and the way people eat.

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