Teff is available in several forms to create end products that are geared specifically to targeted groups. Tobia Teff Breakfast Cereals are a delicious way to start your day. People of all ages can benefit form teff's natural source of energy especially those who need a highly nutritious diet or are gluten sensitive.

Drum Dried Teff Teffkid, 100% water soluble, ideal for baby food or porridge.

Puffed Teff Teffzer, suitable for products such as muesili bars, also ideal as a breakfast cereal mix.

Teff Flakes Teffmeal, as with the flour, teff flakes are ideal for baking cakes, porridge and cookies.

Nutritional Information

Teff steamed Flakes, Dry rolled and Puffed teff are all made from pure teff. These product conform to the EC Directives 1829/2003 and 1830/2003 and to the European labeling directive (2003/89 EC).

Energy 1452Kj/100g

Protein 10g/100g

Carbohydrates 70g/100g

Fat 2.5g/100g

Dietary Fibre 7.6g/100

Starch 57.3g/100g

RD Starch 11.4g/100g

SD Starch 29.6g/100g

R Starch 16.3g/100g

Sodium <10mg/100g

Magnesium 185.7mg/100g

Iron 5.4mg/100g

Calcium 160mg/100g

Vitamin B1 0.5mg/100g

Vitamin B2 <0.1mg/100g

Vitamin B3 0.8mg/100g

Vitamin B6 <0.1mg/100g

Vitamin C 0.2mg/100g