Teff Bread

What is Teff

Teff Bread

Tobia Teff Bread is Ideal for Vegetarians and Vegans, as with all Tobia Teff products our bread is gluten and sugar free and is made using our unique recipe our taste tests have shown that the most popular combination using Tobia Teff Bread is with Honey using Flora Butter.

Teff has an extreamly high iron content is 17 times higher calcium content than that of anyother grain. It is also rich in Vitamin B and has a very low calorie count.

Tobia Teff Bread will last up to 4 days on the shelf and is freezable. Next day Delivery is available.

Our plain white gluten free bread costs £3.30 and our raisin, linseed, onion seed and shelled sunflower flavours are £3.50, these prices are plus postage and packing.

All Tobia Teff Products are not at risk of cross contamination as we ONLY use teff gluten free flour.

For more infomation please call 02070181210 or email us on info@tobiateff.co.uk