About Us

About Us

Tobia Teff?

Teff is truly an ancient grain. It is believed that it was grown by the people of Ethiopia over 6000 years ago, and they continue to eat it to this day as a vital part of their diet.

In the 21st century, the western world is slowly catching on to the numerous health benefits of teff, though it’s taken some time! The Tobia Teff team believe ardently in the nutritional value of this ancient grain, and the main purpose of our company is to make this remarkable product more readily available across the world.

Nutritional Benefits

A few years ago, the US National Research Council declared that teff had the potential to ‘boost nutrition’, in addition to supporting ‘sustainable landcare’. So what is it about this grain that offers such great health benefits?

Quite simply, teff is a true ‘super-food’. It contains calcium, iron and a multitude of other essential minerals, which all combine to help promote a healthier body. It also contains plenty of digestion-improving fibre and protein.

It’s also widely recognised as one of the best forms of bread for coeliac disease sufferers and for those with wheat intolerances, as it’s completely gluten free.

Ancient ‘Lovegrass’… What’s Not to Love?

Occasionally referred to as ‘lovegrass’, teff truly is a grain to fall in love with. Nutritious, tasty and filled with filling flavour, we believe it’s one of the finest natural products on the planet.

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