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Teff Flour Brown - 1kg

Filled with Goodness…and Nothing Else! Our brown teff flour is created from teff grain, with nothin..

£5.57 Ex Tax: £5.57

Teff Flour Brown Organic - 1kg

Traditional Ethiopian Flour Teff originated in the heart of Arica, where it’s been used for centuri..

£6.70 Ex Tax: £6.70

Teff Flour White - 1kg

Healther Cooking and Baking Teff is filled with nutritional value. It’s rich in calcium, iron, prot..

£5.57 Ex Tax: £5.57

Teff Flour White Organic - 1kg

Small Grain…Big Nutritional Boost! Teff is one of the world’s tiniest grains, but it’s also one of ..

£6.70 Ex Tax: £6.70